Ditcher Timeline

Founded in 1984, Hurricane Ditcher is a family owned and operated manufacturer of ditching, terracing and waterway management equipment with a dealer network spanning 31 states. Headquartered in Vincennes, Indiana, Hurricane Ditcher machines are built to correct poor drainage issues for farmers, county/township highway departments, and custom drainage operators everywhere. Using your own tractor, Hurricane ditchers are economically designed to make surface drainage ditches, clean existing ditches, reshape waterways, and rebuild terraces.

For 37 years, our equipment solutions have been tested and built with knowledge, precision, and quality. Founded by farmer Paul L. Snyder, Hurricane Ditcher began with the development of the Model 16 ditcher in 1984 when his crop profits were down due to drowning fields. Now owned and operated by Paul’s son, John L. Snyder, Hurricane Ditcher’s product line has expanded to include 11 models for ditching, terracing, and waterway management.

“The Hurricane ditcher was designed to help remedy the loss in crop revenue due to poor field irrigation management to benefit farmers. My dad farmed and he had the same issues, crops were drowning, profits were down. He said ‘I’ve got to figure out a way to make this better, so he went out with a friend of his and designed a ditcher to eradicate the water issues and improve the crop land.”

In the fall of 2020, Hurricane Ditcher Company acquired Maddock Construction Company. The acquisition will allow Hurricane Ditcher to expand its footprint into the contractor, county and state government. Maddock manufactures Asphalt Recyclers, Backhoe Mills, Berm Cutters, Ditchers, Excavator Mills, and RotoGraders for municipalities and contractors.

The Hurricane Ditcher Difference

As farmers and drainage operators ourselves, we expect high-quality equipment to work perfectly in any condition – dry, wet, rocky, trashy, stalks, etc. – so we know our customers expect the same. Our equipment is made to work with, not to work on, so we’re confident that our craftsmanship will last 20-30 years from purchase.

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales, financing, service, and parts departments continually strive to build a better experience – from selection to maintenance and customization – using customer feedback to maintain and improve the dependability of our machines. To effectively meet customer demand, Hurricane Ditcher established a network of authorized dealers and distributors to service our customer base. Our large selection of versatile equipment paired with maximum customer support has forged a strong, long-lasting partnership with our 200+ dealer network across the United States and Canada.

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