In order to fulfill a need in agriculture, the 3-PT 15 was developed in 1992 as an efficient and affordable machine used to make surface drainage ditches using a standard farm tractor. It is also being utilized by farmers for building or reshaping terraces, as well as, by county highway departments for cleaning roadside ditches. Soil will be scattered 20 to 30 feet at left side of machine.

Key Features
  • Operates with 50-140 HP tractor
  • Equipped with jack stand for easy hook-up and disconnection
  • 15″ 5-paddle impeller contains hard-surfacing and is designed to be resurfaced as it wears
  • Dragplate gives machine stability and prevents gouging; includes heavy-duty ratchet jack
  • Gearbox consists of large shafts, heavy-duty sprockets and bearings, and double 80 roller chain, all enclosed and running in an oil bath; use the external idler adjustment for chain tensioning to dramatically increase the life of your equipment
  • Optional deflector shield allows operator to control soil if it needs to be contained for a diversion, small terrace, or simply can’t be thrown. Soil can be placed 3 to 4 feet with deflector shield.
  • Optional ripper tooth to loosen debris and oil for smoother machine operation; designed for running in extremely hard or rocky conditions
Recommended HP Speed50-140 HP
Power Take-Off (PTO)Series 55, 1000 RPM with shear bolt protection
1-3/8-21 spline or 1-3/4-20 spline
Optional: 1-3/8-6 spline 540 RPM
Hitch TypeCat II or III quick hitch
Impeller Wheel15″ 5-paddle impeller
Rear Shoe (dragplate)Includes heavy-duty ratchet jack
Approximate shipping weight800-1,050 lbs.
Gearbox5/16″ material with double 80 roller chain, oil bath, external idler tension adjustment
Depth of cutUp to 10 inches in a single pass and up to 16 inches in multiple passes
Up to 20 inches in multiple passes with optional 20″ 6-paddle impeller
Width of cut15" with standard 5-paddle impeller wheel; 20" with optional 6-paddle impeller wheel
Volume of soil moved with 70 HP tractorUp to 147 cubic yards per hour (2.45 cubic yards per minute)
Volume of soil moved with 140 HP tractorUp to 427 cubic yards per hour (7.1 cubic yards per minute)
Optional Add OnsRipper tooth
Deflector shield
20″ 6-paddle impeller