The Model 24 Ditcher-Terracer was developed in 1986 as an efficient and affordable machine to make surface drainage ditches, to construct and clean waterways, and to build and maintain terraces using a standard farm tractor. It has become increasingly popular among soil conservation districts for cleaning waterways and rebuilding terraces.

Key Features
  • Operates with 100-180 HP tractor
  • Equipped with jack stand for easy hook-up and disconnection
  • Dispenses soil over a 100′ area out the left side of the machine
  • Easily laser adaptable for more precise grade control
  • Telescoping axles on the rear wheels allow easier straddling of ditches
  • Hydraulic depth control utilizes the rear wheels to maintain grade and to give a smooth, flat bottom to the ditch
  • 36″ 4-paddle impeller contains hard-surfacing and is designed to be resurfaced as it wears
  • Gearbox consists of large shafts, heavy-duty sprockets and bearings, and double 80 roller chain, all enclosed and running in an oil bath; use the external idler adjustment for chain tensioning to dramatically increase the life of your equipment
  • Optional terracing shield to contain and position soil
Recommended HP Speed100-180 HP
Power Take-Off (PTO)Series 55, 1000 RPM with shear bolt protection
1-3/8-21 spline
Optional: 1-3/4-20 spline 1000 RPM
Hitch TypeStandard, Clevis Hitch
Impeller Wheel36″ 4-paddle impeller with 24" cutting edge
Rear Shoe (dragplate)
Approximate shipping weight3,200-3,600 lbs.; tongue weight 1,200 lbs
Gearbox1/2″ material with double 80 roller chain, oil bath, external idler tension adjustment
Depth of cutUp to 10" in a single pass; up to 28" in multiple passes
Width of cut24" plus taper on each side
Volume of soil moved with 100 HP tractorUp to 300 tons per hour (5 tons per minute)
Volume of soil moved with 140 HP tractorUp to 1,080 cubic yards per hour (18 cubic yards per minute)
Optional Add OnsTerracing shield allows soil to be placed 7' to 30' from the machine
Deflector shield allows soil to be placed within 7' to 12' of the machine
Heavy-debris paddles