The Original Side Arm, the largest of our three side-arm models developed in 1991, was designed to clean and maintain roadside ditches and other ditches that cannot be safely straddled with other ditching equipment.  Its unique working operation allows ditches containing sod, water, roots and other debris including hard, dry dirt to be cleaned without damage to the machine.

Key Features
  • Operates with 150-250 HP tractor
  • Contains 2 shear bolts in the PTO should an immovable object be stuck
  • Equipped with jack stand for easy hook-up and disconnection
  • Dispenses soil over a 65′ area out the left side of the machine
  • Reaches 5′-14′ from tractor’s center and up to 9′ deep in a ditch
  • Round digging wheel allows soil to be removed from the bottom without disturbing the sides, leaving the banks sodded
Recommended HP Speed150-250 HP
Power Take-Off (PTO)Series 55, 1000 RPM with shear bolt protection
1-3/4-21 spline
Optional: 1-3/8-20 spline 1000 RPM
Hitch TypeCat III quick hitch
Impeller Wheel42″ 9-paddle impeller wheel with 9 heat treated cutting edges and 9 hard-surfaced paddles
Rear Shoe (dragplate)Dragplate with heavy duty ratchet jack
Approximate shipping weight10,000 lbs.
Gearbox3/8″ material with double 80 and triple 80 roller chain, oil bath, external idler tension adjustment
Depth of cutUp to 12" per single pass
Width of cut32" at 12" deep
Volume of soil moved with 200 HP tractorUp to 12" over 1 mile ditch per hour
Optional Add OnsElectronic/Hydraulic valve
Deflector extension