Made for use with small tractors for the first time in 2014, The Storm 3-point ditcher is perfect for small surface drainage and irrigation ditches.

Key Features
  • Operates with 30-100 HP tractor
  • 8″ 6-paddle impeller wheel or 12″ 8-paddle impeller wheel
  • Unique impeller design has 3 T1 cutting paddles and 3 cleanout paddles; 12″ wheel has 4 of each paddle
  • Dragplate gives machine stability and prevents gouging; includes heavy-duty ratchet jack
Recommended HP Speed30-100 HP
Power Take-Off (PTO)540 or 1000 RPM with shear bolt protection
Hitch TypeCat I or II quick hitch
Impeller Wheel8" 6-paddle impeller; 3 T1 cutting paddles and 3 cleanout paddles
Optional: 12" 8-paddle impeller; 4 T1 cutting paddles and 4 cleanout paddles
Rear Shoe (dragplate)Includes heavy-duty ratchet jack
Approximate shipping weight450 lbs.
Gearbox1/4″ material with double 60 roller chain, oil bath, external idler tension adjustment
Depth of cut2" - 4" with 8" impeller, 2" - 6" with 12" impeller
Width of cut