First developed in 2000, the Ditch Angel™ proves how simple roadside maintenance can be.

Key Features
  • Operates with 90-150 HP tractor
  • Allows operator to ditch in many positions
  • Dispenses soil 30′ to 50′ out the right side of the machine
  • Includes standard hydraulically controlled deflector to divert material away from machine
  • Easy to adjust depth and distance the ditcher is cutting with the use of hydraulic cylinders operated from the cab of the tractor
  • Equipped with jack stand for easy hook-up and disconnection
  • Effective in any soil type or condition
  • Capable of cleaning 1 mile of ditch, 10″ deep every hour
  • Great for roadsides and other ditches that are hard to straddle
  • 26″ 5-paddle impeller contains hard-surfacing and is designed to be resurfaced as it wears
  • Dragplate gives machine stability and prevents gouging; includes heavy-duty ratchet jack
Recommended HP Speed90-150 HP
Power Take-Off (PTO)Series 55, 1000 RPM with shear bolt protection
Hitch TypeCat II or III quick hitch
Impeller Wheel26" 5- paddle
Rear Shoe (dragplate)Contains heavy-duty ratchet jack
Approximate shipping weight5,500 lbs
Depth of cut5" deep out 7" from center width of cut
Width of cut26" at 13" deep
Optional Add OnsTail wheel assembly